Hi there! I’m Chanel, Ayurvedic Doctor-In-Training, Coach, and Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Doula. 

Determined. Creating a beautiful life with my two children and my Love and his two children... I live for the Sun on my face, am always captivated by flowers and swear I would be barefoot outside every day if I could be.

Let me tell you a story- ONCE UPON A TIME....

I was working part-time for a local bakery I co-owned, working another job full-time, mommy-ing my toddler daughter, and pregnant with my son. Parts of it felt like a dream. But, let's be honest... it wasn't. 

Behind all of that busy-ness, was high-functioning anxiety and grief that I didn't realize was there until I was flooded with it one day. There was no unseeing it or turning back. I realized I wasn't in my forever relationship, everything from childhood and in family dynamics came up with a vengeance, the memory and grief of my miscarriage and the difficult pregnancy and postpartum timeframes started to crop up, and I saw how much I had been ignoring myself for years and years. It was painful and uncomfortable, but it was real and necessary. 

Then I found this AMAZING path of helping women cultivate their vitality with the wisdom of Ayurveda, especially in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.  

I decided my life was going to change and it did- I navigated a very amicable divorce, sold my house, moved, and started a new life trajectory of learning how to honor myself. So much that wasn't healthy for me faded on its own, my priorities shifted, and I gained some relationships that changed my entire outlook on life...all-the-while pursuing my passions for what felt like the first time. I was introduced to aspects of Vedic culture and Ayurveda and absolutely jumped in head first.

Fast forward to now and I am a small business owner, an Ayurvedic Coach, and an Ayurvedic Doctor-in-Training! I'm also with the love of my life- the man who, through his pure and loving nature, helped me undo every limiting belief of what I thought possible in relationship. Bringing our two families of three together into one family of six is an ever-unfolding, joy-filled gift to us all...There is never a dull moment with four kids! ;-)
What a beautiful part of my path to be on now. 

So grateful and still dreaming- Someday, of our family living on a closed-loop permaculture property that serves a larger purpose and intentional community, while making Ayurvedic medicines from the plants grown there, and serving as many women near and far as I can!

Here's me and my son, Atlas, and daughter, Bria! 

Meet Sivadas! The man who has my heart...       

Our four kiddos combined...the best of friends! Lila (7), Atlas (5),
Kartikeya (6), Bria (8)

Family date night! 


Chanel Annette is the founder of Bija Vitality, an Ayurvedic Doctor-In- Training and Ayurvedic Preconception Coach who loves to teach women how to amplify their fertility and coach women in pregnancy and postpartum.

She earned a Master of Health Science degree with an emphasis in Health Promotion, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, an Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition and Support Doula Certification, a Doulas of North America (DONA) International Postpartum Doula Certification, and a Permaculture Design certification (because, pssst...she LOVES plants and sustainable community living!)

Determined. Nurturing. Captivated by flowers, and love backpacking, singing, and studying. Find her rocking my crop tops and overalls or jeans and a sweatshirt, Sun chasing, barefoot as much as possible, and her hands either taking notes in class, in the soil, or making Ayurvedic oils and medicines.

Tenaciously committed to raising her eight year-old daughter and nearly-six year-old son, and creating a beautiful life with them, her Forever Love, and his two amazing children!
...and passionate about helping 1,000 women cultivate their own vitality through the wisdom of Ayurveda, especially during the preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum times.




I live for the Sunshine. Seriously- need it or it's a rough go. Everyone looks better Sun-kissed.


I feel like I'm dying doing straight up cardio but can hike for miles will the biggest smile.


I actually don't experience time when in the soil gardening because I love it so much.


A couple years ago, I threw every piece of make-up related everything I owned, except mascara because...sometimes I just want it, mmkay? ;)

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


Bucketlist Trip

Months in India and proper Panchakarma

Guilty pleasure

Toasted bagel and cream cheese

alternate universe job:

Running a permaculture farm- growing and harvesting Ayurvedic herbs and a massive cut flower garden 

A Favorite Memory

Standing under Nauyaca Falls in Costa Rica!

drink of choice

My Love's homemade chai 

can't live without

Time in the Sun every day

usually craving

Time with my Love somewhere off-grid

beach vs mountains

Beach, beach, baby...

Life-Changing Book

Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi


Recipes, tips, tricks, and action steps steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom. And a backstage pass to my world with my family and as an Ayurvedic Doctor-In-Training!