Lemme Guess...

You're Ready to Level Up And Have The Best Pregnancy & Postpartum Experience, Right?

How does this sound? A time-tested Ayurvedic pregnancy and postpartum plans designed for YOUR constitution that focus on mindset work, nutrition, and traditional herbal formulations and body practices.

Weekly video calls? In-app voice and text messaging with your coach throughout the week? Um, yes please! I would have given anything for that during my pregnancies and especially in my postpartum timeframes!

Sure, You Could Do It Yourself.

Yes- it's true that, women have been having babies since the beginning of time but it's also true that many women are suffering through their pregnancies and even more in their postpartum with either zero or sub-par guidance, no postpartum regime, and not enough or any community or familial support. It's not that it isn't possible to go it alone, it's that there is missing wisdom in society now that once deeply nourished and supported the pregnant and postpartum woman. 

But if you're anything like me, you're wanting help to take your super power of growing and birthing a baby and recovering from birth to the next level. You want someone to guide you on what is supportive and what isn't, for your specific body, baby, and situation. 

but let's be real.

Going It Alone in Pregnancy & Postpartum Totally Sucks.

Say goodbye to scouring the internet for contradicting remedies for issues in pregnancy and postpartum, waiting on hold for your conventional care provider to give you status-quo answers, struggling with hormone changes without support, and feeling isolated without trusted, professional guidance from someone who has invested in you and your transformation. 

So what if you didn't have to?  What if you had someone who had both studied knowledge and embodied life wisdom to come alongside you throughout your entire journey? What if this guidance was far-reaching beyond "eat-this-not-that", and was bespoke and tailored exactly for you and your baby?


1:1 Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching

Imagine having an Ayurvedic coach at your fingertips to walk alongside you during your pregnancy and postpartum with weekly video calls, M-F in-app voice and text messaging, recipes, and a full personalized herbal, nutrition, and lifestyle plan that progresses and shifts as you do! 3-10 month containers depending on availability. 

And....if you're local, I offer luxurious in-person services! 

Um, Yes, please!
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Book a free 20 minute connection call, share your desires for your ideal and dream pregnancy and postpartum timeframes, and ask me anything and everything about how I work and my pregnancy & postpartum coaching container! 


Choose your coaching container length based on availability and your specific needs and the payment option that works best for you. 


You're booked in my calendar! You get messaging access to me, we schedule all our weekly video sessions, get you started on your Ayurvedic protocol, and we begin your transformational journey!

Kind Words

Having Chanel's support through my pregnancy and postpartum made my whole experience more easeful and enjoyable.

— Hannah Elmer, First-time momma

Chanel made my postpartum recovery a lot easier and joyful. I can’t tell you how grateful my whole family is for her love and her care with all of us.

— Juliana Veneziani, momma of four (Including twins!)

In postpartum, she had helpful insight on so many things like breastfeeding, baby’s sleep, and she even helped me with non-toxic baby options. 

— Theresa Bullock, First-time momma & owner of Bridal Goddess

ABOUT Chanel

Ayurvedic Doctor-In-Training, Certified  Ayurvedic Doula, and Living Life With My Two Beautiful Kids, The Love of My Life, and His Two Amazing Children! 

What do you wanna know?

Do I have a Master's degree in Health Science and Promotion, multiple other certifications, and all that jazz? Yes I absolutely do.

AND, I also love plants and the Sun & Moon, want my family to be camping and barefoot in the soil as much as possible together, and roses and waterfalls make me well up...my whole heart opens when I get to exchange with expecting mommas and mommas who've just had their babies,

I cried my way through my entire Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Doula program because it felt like a coming home in a way I can't explain...

I want to let all of that extend through me to nurture women and their babies..So I created this business and this offering to do just that!


You're Someone Wanting Bespoke Trustworthy Support For You & Your Baby.

You're tired of scouring the black hole of opinions on the internet for answers about pregnancy and postpartum and want the real...the ancient and time-tested solutions. You want someone who has studied and embodied this wisdom and can share it with you in a personalized and guided plan that you can follow. You want to experience mind, body, and lifestyle transformation and true support for you and your baby during your unique pregnancy and postpartum time. 

Don't you just wish that someone would GET it? That someone could create the kind of solution that you'd do yourself if you had the time? Well.... great news.

What's Included In The Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching Container? 

1. Most affordable

1. Most affordable

2. Most flexible

10 Month Container

3 Month Container

3-10 months of 1:1 Personalized coaching and Support

Customized Pregnancy And/Or Postpartum Plan That Adjusts In Real Time as you progress

In-App Voxer Text & Voice Messaging With me M-F, 9-5MST

Weekly 60-minute Video Calls

Free Ayurvedic Herbs Shipped to you With Paid In Full option

Choose The Plan That works For You:

Three monthly payments of $1,100 to total $3,300

One Payment of $3,000 Plus a 15-day supply of traditional Ayurvedic herbs Mailed To You to kickstart Your protocol

One Paymet of $9,600 PLUS a 30-day supply of traditional Ayurvedic herbs Mail To You to kickstart Your protocol

2. Most flexible

Ten monthly payments of $985 to total $9,850

With this coaching container

You Will:

+ HAVE real-time GUIDANCE, & RESOURCES Specific to *your* pregnancy & postpartum

+ rejuvenate & Revitalize your body WIth Proper Ayurvedic Practices

+ have confidence in your nutrition & herbal choices as you change in pregnancy & postpartum

+ gain Lifelong Ayurvedic skills & practices that will Forever transform your orientation to your health & vitality as a woman and mother

is that what you've been looking for?

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Recipes, tips, tricks, and action steps steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom. And a backstage pass to my world with my family and as an Ayurvedic Doctor-In-Training!