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I’m Chanel, your go-to Ayurvedic coach for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum! 

I offer bespoke and exquisite 1:1 coaching containers for women in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum timeframes steeped in my current Ayurvedic Doctor Training, my Master's degree in Health Science: Health Promotion, and my Ayurvedic and International certifications in pregnancy and postpartum nutrition and support! 

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Ready to Completely Level Up Your Preconception, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Timeframes?

Are you hoping for a pregnancy soon but wanting to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and be in the right frame of mind first?

Wondering what nutrition and herbs are safest and most supportive for you during pregnancy?

Dreaming of an incredible and bonding postpartum timeframe where you know what to do for strength, sleep, and rejuvenation for you and baby?

And what if you had someone you could reach out to for in-the-moment questions who was invested in coaching you during all these timeframes? 

here's what i do:

1:1 Preconception Coaching & Amplify Your Fertility Sessions


You're planning for a pregnancy in the next 3-12+ months and want to prepare for a conscious conception. My three-leafed approach focuses on cultivating a fertile mind, body vitality, and creating a sacred non-toxic home environment.

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1:1 Pregnancy & Postpartum Coaching 

You're already pregnant and wanting highly personalized support during your pregnancy. We can work together through a portion of or your entire pregnancy and into your first 6-12 weeks of postpartum.

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Pregnancy & Postpartum
Doula Services

You are wanting in-person Ayurvedic nutrition and herbal support through traditional body therapies and hand-crafted meals and medicines specific for the needs of your body constitution and timeframe.

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Chanel deeply understands the importance of being a support person through these transformative times in a woman's life.

- Hannah Elmer, Pregnancy & Postpartum Client & First-Time Momma

A mom, someone's Love, and a Sun-worshipper who swears I'd be outside and barefoot every day if I could. 

You'll find me bringing my own flare and supportive energy, my passion for plants and herbal medicine, and my embodied life education and higher education degrees and certifications to show up for my clients! I'm super passionate about what I do and how I show up for my clients!  

About me


To help 1,000 women cultivate their vitality using the ancient wisdom of                  


during their preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum timeframes.

Bija vitality

Imagine weekly video calls AND having someone at your fingertips to check in with about what is present throughout the week during pregnancy and after baby comes!

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Recipes, tips, tricks, and action steps steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom. And a backstage pass to my world with my family and as an Ayurvedic Doctor-In-Training!