Prepare and feel amazing
before you conceive your baby! 

In 1:1 coaching with me, we will dive deep so that you feel supported, sensual, rejuvenated, and empowered to build your fertility and prepare for a conscious conception using ancient, Ayurvedic practices.

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1:1 Ayurvedic Preconception Coaching

Imagine you've made your home spacious and sacred and honor yourself daily with ancient, healing practices. You have the tools to keep your mind tuned, stable, and at ease and your nervous system deeply grounded throughout your day. You cleansed AND rejuvenated your body like you never thought possible and the baseline vibration in your body now is strong, balanced, healthy, and full of fertility and vitality. You trust in your Divine timing, feel confident, and are ready to consciously conceive with intention, pleasure, and joy.

How to get to this place, though? I get it- I was once in your shoes- weeding through heaps of women's health information, searching for ways to feel cleansed and balanced and desiring a deep cultivation of wellness in my body. I've personally experienced the deep longing for a child and the grief of miscarriage. And, I am here to share the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and my embodied knowledge with you so you can create the biggest opportunity for your success. 

Ready for your life to change?


Amazing, right?

Perhaps you've already faced some challenges

during your preconception and preparing for pregnancy Time... 


Maybe you've experienced loss and aren't sure whether your body is capable of having a baby. The deep grief of loss and worry can feel so intense...I have personally navigated those feelings and understand that it can feel like a lot. 


Maybe you've been trying for a while and feel stuck and stressed as to whether the timing is right for your life and body. Or, perhaps, you feel nervous about the big life shifts that would come with having a baby.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the health information out there and not sure which preparation path is best for you? It can feel like a full-time job trying to sift through all the fads and info out there!


You've been trying to regulate your menses and you keep bumping up against the same issues month after month. You know there is a natural way to boost your fertility and a healthy ovum and wish someone could help you get on track. 

“I highly recommend Chanel if you are looking to conceive!”

"I really leaned on Chanel in the years around my pregnancy. I chose conscious conceiving where I cultivated my body to welcome a pregnancy at 39 years old.

Chanel’s knowledge of clean, organic, non-toxic lifestyle and nutrition was extremely helpful. I felt like my body was pure and primed, which was such a magnificent feeling when trying to conceive. Once I did get pregnant, I felt great physically and mentally!
I turned to Chanel for pregnancy-related questions and concerns.

The grounded “wholeness” of Chanel is peaceful. I notice her humble humor and raw vulnerability all while feeling like there isn’t any B.S. - She’s so “real” and
I love that about her!

Chanel is a ray of sunshine and, when she shines on you, you feel seen by her humble, caring, and knowledgeable light. I highly recommend Chanel if you’re looking to conceive, are pregnant, or in need of direction on non-toxic living. She has devoted herself to this passion and it oozes out of
her beautiful light!"

— Theresa Bullock

but guess what...

I also remember wishing to be at my best before conceiving and the deep desire to be pregnant...

I wanted to be more mentally and physically strong for those months of pregnancy, balance my hormones from years of contraceptives, regulate my menstrual cycle, cleanse my system, know what to eat for my specific body, and how to free myself from limited beliefs and stress.

Perhaps you relate and want a coach that will be with you every step of the way and provide you with resources and individualized guidance specifically for your lifestyle and fertility before you conceive.

once I found Ayurveda, absolutely everything changed for me...and my Preconception Coaching is steeped in it's wisdom 

Prepare your Mind, Body, and Environment for Pregnancy.

You learn how to water and activate the intelligent seeds in your mind and body, establish deep roots in yourself, and embody what blossoms!

Mindset shifting for limiting beliefs, traditional Ayurvedic practices for cleansing and rejuvenation, and reducing the toxic load in your life and home environment are the three-leafed focuses.

Plus, you get a very specific, individualized preconception plan and my expertise in tailoring it, in real time, as you grow and bloom during our three months together!

1:1 Preconception &
preparing for Pregnancy


We dive deep into limiting beliefs and patterned thinking and behaviors and get to the root of the fears that are blocking you from experiencing more freedom and spaciousness in your life. Whether is it mantra, meditation, wordspells, journaling...etc., we make a plan based on your lifestyle and preferences that will be most successful for you!  

As per Ayurveda, it is imperative to purify your systems first before rejuvenation begins and that is exactly what we do. You get a fully individualized Ayurvedic protocol and an ongoing preconception plan tailored specifically to your body and lifestyle. You will learn Dinacarya (Ayurvedic daily routine) and be given food recommendations and recipes to regulate your menses, balance your digestion, and increase your fertility and wellness.  

Here's What You'll Learn

Cultivate Your Mind

Body Vitality

Leaf one

Leaf two

Together, we identify more supportive lifestyle decisions and products that reduce the toxic load in your environment so you have a sacred space that supports your fertility efforts. We can dive into any areas you are interested in prioritizing from personal care to home cleaning products to linens and clothing...etc. The sky is the limit with where you want to take this. 

Sacred Home

Leaf Three


A shifted mindset that frees up your energy from limiting beliefs and towards your creative capacity

How does this sound?

Purified body systems using trusted and effective Ayurvedic practices



the results you're going to get:

Then a receptive and primed body that supports a healthy ovum and your fertility


Renewed home environment with reduced toxic load that creates a sacred space for a conscious conception


Resources and tools that continue to support you and help you sustain the healthy habits learned in our coaching container


Yes, I'm in!
Tell me More!

"It is evident in the way she shows up wholeheartedly during sessions that Chanel deeply understands the importance of being a support person through these transformative times in a woman's life.

Having her support is a blessing and a gift to anyone who is ready to receive it."

- Hannah Elmer

Kind words

“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


A year from now you might be wishing you started today...

Let's Prepare You For A Conscious COnception and Thriving Pregnancy!

“Chanel's offering with her presence, knowledgeable advice, and healthy, nourishing food was an extreme blessing.”

"I can’t tell you how grateful my whole family is for her love and care with all of us. She is such a knowledgeable and giving professional, I truly recommend her."

Juliana understands the benefit of Nutrition 

Yes, Intentional Living & preparing really works

“Having Chanel work with me on mindset shifts has truly been soul-inspiring.”

"There’s a marked difference in the manner with which I approach life now having a better system setting myself up for success, no matter what comes my way in life."

Lauren's Willingness is leading her to more freedom

“I highly recommend Chanel if you need direction on non-toxic living.”

"Her insight and knowledge of clean, organic, non-toxic lifestyle was extremely helpful.

Theresa Reduced The toxic load in her sacred space 

One Payment

Weekly 60-minute video calls

Access to me via Voxer Support M-F, 9-5 MST 

PersonalizeD preconception plan

1 Discounted Payment
of $3,000

Payment Plan




personalized Preconception Plan

3 Payments of $1,100

Choose The plan that works for you:

Most flexible!

Most affordable!

Three months of 1:1 personalized Support

Bonus 15 Day Supply of Ayurvedic Herbs to Kickstart Your Plan

To be honest, my years of education, training, and life experience have led me to be able to extend myself in this way as an Ayurvedic Preconception Coach. It makes me misty-eyed having the opportunity to support women like you who have deep desire for true wellness and to consciously create life. I'm so here for all of it and committed to sharing the potent capacity Ayurveda has to change women's lives. It's a true honor to support you in your fertility journey! 

You're stronger than you think you are. But, if you're anything like me, having guidance on some steps can unlock and take your wellness to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works. I gotchu!

You're in the right place.

If you choose the pay-in-full plan, you save $300 and I will also ship you a 15-day supply of traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations based on our intake session to kickstart your preconception protocol!

Save money, plus get a 15-day supply of traditional Ayurvedic herbs

Bonus 15-Day

Traditional Ayurvedic Herbs

Pay in Full  Bonus!

“This is your day. You are the creator of your beautiful life and this is the time to go after it all.”

— Me, Yesterday

Have identified your limiting beliefs and done powerful work to shift your mindset around your worthiness and capacity as a Divine creator.

Have sustainable and powerful mental practices in place to maintain stability and ease in yourself.

Have primed your body using traditional purification Ayurvedic protocols.  

Have begun rejuvenative Ayurvedic practices to nourish your tissues, increase your fertility, and boost your overall vitality.

Have reduced the toxic load in your home and created a sacred environment that supports a conscious conception.

Be well-resourced with tools so you can continue to sustainably cultivate your fertility and deep sense of wellness.

By the end of this, you will...

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Chanel is an exceptional individual with the ability to transform in any situation. She can meld with a wide range of personalities making her very compatible with her clientele.

Chanel has a softness about her that makes her very easy to work with and talk to. She is extremely attentive to the needs of others and thorough in her work. Her passion is displayed through her actions and I would highly recommend her to a variety of women.

- Kira

“Chanel has a softness about her that makes her very easy to work with and talk to."

I'm Chanel, your new trust-your-creative-capacity coach

I'm an Ayurvedic Preconception Coach and Ayurvedic Doctor-in-Training who loves to teach women hoping to get pregnant about Ayurvedic wellness, plant and herbal remedies for balancing your body and mind, and how to clean up your lifestyle with non-toxic tips and tricks.

I've earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Master of Health Science degree with an emphasis in Health Promotion, an Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition and Support Doula Certification, a DONA (Doulas of North America) International Postpartum Doula Certification, and a Permaculture Design certificate (because, pssst...I LOVE plants and sustainable community living!)

Determined. Nurturing. Captivated by flowers, and love backpacking, singing, and studying. Find me rocking my crop tops and overalls or jeans and a sweatshirt, Sun chasing, barefoot as much as possible, and my hands either taking notes in class, in the soil, or making Ayurvedic oils and medicines.

Tenaciously committed to raising my eight year-old daughter and nearly-six year-old son and creating a beautiful life with them, my Forever Love, and his two amazing children!

...and passionate about helping 1,000 women cultivate their own vitality through the wisdom of Ayurveda, especially during the preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum times.

Hey there!

I had some super challenging times...

I remember struggling with regulating my menses and navigating a miscarriage in silence because I didn't know how to talk about it. Though I'm grateful I had two more pregnancies and am raising two amazing children, my pregnancies were riddled with difficult symptoms and my first birth and postpartum season resulted in injuries where I couldn't walk, had to use a walker, and was in physical therapy for over two years trying find normalcy again.

I spent years researching how the mind and body work and how to cultivate a sustainable and balanced life in my years in higher education and trainings. My journey hasn't always been easy but I know everything has happened on time for me and Ayurveda has been a true coming home for me. I've begun learning about Vedic culture, studying ancient Vedic texts, and incorporating practices that help me experience freedom. And now, I'm in an Ayurvedic Doctor program! I have experienced the magic of learning my body and seeing it regulate and make it's way to a balanced and thriving state. The results from my willingness to invest in my health continue to amaze me and fuel my passion for helping guide women in cultivating their own vitality! 

You don't have to earn all those certificates & degrees to understand your fertility.

You, too, can truly learn your body.

But it wasn't always this way.

This preconception coaching is unique because...

It's A purposefully-designed coaching container for super
high-touch & Personalized support

I prioritize you in my schedule and make myself available to you via Voxer M-F, 9-5 MST. Voxer is this great, in-the-moment, walkie-talkie style app where we get to send and receive voice and text messages to each other in real time.

Did something triggering or powerful come up during meditation or journaling? Do you have questions about the shifting in your digestion or menses? Need adjustments to your protocol or herbs before our next call? Questions about non-toxic personal care products? Tears? Wins to share? It's all welcome and we can go back and forth throughout the week about anything that is pressing and needing attention right then. 

And we get hour-long video calls together every. single. week.

You and I get to hop on video calls together every week for 12 weeks.

This is our chance to really dive in. We check in, go over your progress in detail, and talk about whatever is present for you at the time. Each week, there are new tasks from your preconception plan that we add in to your routine to support your progress in your mindset work, the shifting happening in your body, and the changes happening in your home environment. 


sustainable resources for creating a sacred space

health plan you can maintain even After our coaching container ends

broader understanding of your capacity to create in your mind & body

Follow a proven roadmap using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda

We cover everything for preparing your mind, body, and environment for pregnancy.

You will learn so many things that you can sustainably apply and continue even after our three-month coaching container ends. Your willingness to invest in yourself, try new things, and dive deep into your own authenticity is the magic that will unlock your pathway for your best possible outcome. 

Creating powerful thinking patterns around your worthiness and creative capacities as a woman

Implementing a body-care system that actually works

Cleansing your body
*for real* this time with safe, effective, and time-tested practices

Thriving with a body that has been revitalized and is primed and receptive specifically for conceiving a baby 

Creating a sacred home environment that reflects your desires & promotes a conscious conception

Feeling more balanced and aligned with what you're wanting to create and your best possible outcome. 

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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This is for you if:

YOu want to Shift how you think about YOUR CAPACITY TO conceive & Create

You're overwhelmed by The idea of Changing your mindset and patterned thinking

You want to feel Primed and receptive for Conception in your body & Reduce the toxic load in your lifestyle

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO try new mind and body care practices

YOU ARE READY TO FINALLY invest in PREPARING YOURself FOR a conscious conception & PREGNANCY

It's probably not for you if...

YOU Don't want To invest your Time, money, & energy into Daily & weekly commitments towards your health right now

Let's Do This Thing!

So what are you waiting for?

One Payment

1 Discounted
payment of $3,000

Payment Plan 

3 payments of $1,100

Choose the plan that works for you:

Most flexible!

Most affordable!

Three months of 1:1 personalized Support

Three months of 1:1 personalized Support

Weekly 60-minute video calls

Weekly 60-minute video calls

Access to me via Voxer Support M-F, 9-5 MST 

Access to me via Voxer Support M-F, 9-5 MST 

PersonalizeD preconception plan

PersonalizeD preconception plan

Book A Free Call with Chanel

Bonus 15 Day Supply of Ayurvedic Herbs to Kickstart Your Plan

Should I work with you while I'm trying to conceive or in advance of trying to conceive?

It's best to do purification and cleansing protocols in advance of trying to conceive so the body can purge toxins and then have a chance to regulate and revitalize first. In general, 3 months is a great starting timeframe to prepare for pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have had a child before? Can working with you still help me?

Absolutely! The efficacy of Ayurveda meets us wherever we are at in our journey and this 1:1 coaching is meant to help prepare for any pregnancy, even if you have had a child or children before. 

Do you offer refunds?

I do everything within my ability to ensure my clients' satisfaction in our coaching containers and expect that my clients do the same. Refunds are not issued for coaching services already conducted. If, for any reason, I am unable to fulfill my obligations to a client, the client will be refunded in full for any part of the coaching paid for but not yet rendered.

Do you help women who are struggling to conceive? 

Yes! The ancient healing system of Ayurveda can absolutely help regulate hormones and menses, and boost fertility using natural, time-tested, and effective practices. 

What do I get as a part of this coaching with you?

This coaching container is 12 weeks long and includes weekly, 60-minute video calls, M-F 9-5 MST Voxer support, and a personalized preconception plan. Plus, if you pay in full, you save $300 and I ship you a 15-day supply of traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations to jumpstart your plan!

Do you support women in pregnancy and postpartum?

I do! I am really excited to help women in the preconception time but I am also a certified Ayurvedic Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition & Support Doula and a DONA International Postpartum Doula and have experience supporting many women in pregnancy and postpartum. 

Book a free call with me if you'd like to chat more about that!


Number of Certificates I Earned in One Year:
- Ayurvedic Doula
- DONA Intl. Doula
- Permaculture Design



Number of Higher Ed. Years Earning Bachelor's in Psychology & Master's in Health Science: Health Promotion


Number of Years My Current Ayurvedic Doctor Program Is
Number of Times I've Cried in Gratitude
About That
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I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your fertility journey is an important one. The intention of preparing yourself to invite and connect with the child you want to carry in your body and bring to this world can feel immense which is why I created this coaching container. I'm here to answer any questions you have. 

Still on the fence?